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Welcome to Supido – a place where speed meets quality, creating the perfect dance of transportation! Supido is a freight company whose name comes from the Japanese word for “speed.” Our passion for excellence and continuous pursuit of optimizing transportation processes enable us to deliver the best solutions for our business partners.

What exactly do we do? We are experts in organizing the transport of goods, both within Poland and throughout Europe. We also collaborate with trusted partners in air, sea, and rail transport to meet all the requirements set by our partners. We support our clients in the domestic and international markets, offering road, maritime, and air transport, oversize and special transport, as well as warehousing services.

One of our core values is safety. We only collaborate with verified carriers, carefully vetted for compliance with legal requirements and the quality of services provided. We have liability insurance for freight forwarding, and each of our carriers has liability insurance essential for executing our clients’ orders.

Guided by values such as passion, innovation, and safety, we have earned the trust of clients from various industries, including construction, steel, food, paper, and plastics.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience in the transportation and freight industry. With our skills and knowledge, we provide professional service at the highest level.

We’d like to emphasize that Supido is a fully Polish company. Nevertheless, our services and reach extend beyond the borders of Poland.

At Supido, we draw inspiration from Japanese culture, especially in building lasting relationships with clients. Respect, gratitude, honesty, and the ability to admit mistakes are values that are crucial to us.

Our experience includes serving manufacturing companies, allowing us to understand the specifics of this sector. We are also familiar with Lean Management and Just in Time concepts in transportation, enabling us to optimize processes and provide services at the highest level.

We take pride in our mission, which involves delivering high-quality transportation services and building lasting partnerships. If you are looking for a reliable partner for organizing transports or if you are a carrier looking to collaborate, Supido is ready to accelerate your journey to success!

Our company’s headquarters are in Legnica, and our operational freight office is in Wrocław. We encourage you to contact us at the Wrocław office. We will gladly answer your questions and present our approach to the individual needs of each client.



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