Hello, welcome to SUPIDO, where innovation meets environmental commitment.

We would like to share with you four key elements of our sustainable development mission:

Concerned about our planet, we prioritize selecting logistic partners whose vehicle fleet meets the latest Euro emission standards. By doing so, we not only minimize our carbon footprint but also support an ecological approach to transportation by favoring modern and environmentally friendly vehicles.

We emphasize logistical efficiency through the use of modern route planning technologies, allowing us to minimize the distance traveled for deliveries. We operate fully in line with the principles of sustainable transport, resulting in the reduction of CO2 emissions and supporting our commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions whenever possible.

We prioritize logistics solutions that enable cargo consolidation, resulting in the efficient utilization of transport vehicles. This helps us, whenever possible, reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, contributing to the reduction of our ecological footprint and supporting our commitment to a sustainable approach in transportation.

As part of our operational strategy, we want to emphasize that all internal correspondence in our company takes place without the use of paper for printing. We have implemented a work model based on electronic document versions—from the initial customer contact to final invoicing. This eco-friendly practice not only allows us to efficiently manage documentation but also highlights our commitment to creating a work environment in line with sustainable development principles. As a result, we operate efficiently and responsibly, simultaneously eliminating unnecessary paper consumption and supporting our mission to conduct business with a focus on the future.


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